Healthier Energy for Work, Gym & Life

Try Zipfizz for a healthy alternative to Energy


Put the “Super” In Super Parent

  • Be there for all of life’s most precious, chaotic moments*

  • Unlock unstoppable errand-running mode*

  • Loaded with antioxidants*


Give Yourself an Edge

  • Sharper focus and split-second reactions*

  • Explosive energy*

  • Unstoppable endurance*


Mental Alertness, All Shift Long

  • Stamina for long, grueling shifts*

  • Stay fresh, stay relaxed, stay alert*

  • All-night energy without the sugar crash*


Give Yourself an “A”

  • Steady focus without the jitters*

  • Energy when you need it*

  • Easier to wind down after a long night of studying*

What Our Fans Think of Us

“I've realized I don't need an overload amount of caffeine to get in a good workout. I take zipfizz at 5am on an empty stomach and I do not get that jitter nausea feeling I sometimes got with pre-workout. Only has 100mg of caffeine, which is just enough.”

- Nicole Willingham, Amazon Review

What Our Fans Think of Us

“Energy drinks tend to make me jittery and give me a definite down once they wear off. Zipfizz does not do that, but still gives me a fair amount of energy!”

- Erin S, Amazon Review

What Our Fans Think of Us

“These are wonderful. I used to feel so exhausted after a full day work. After taking this, I came home after a long, still full of energy to keep me going. My “dragging” feeling is gone, and I have enough energy to run a marathon. Good stuff.”

- Esther Pope, Amazon Review

What Our Fans Think of Us

"I love this product. It is a great blend of essential vitamins and the vitamin b helps my focus. Everyone in my family uses it."

- Duckie Lane, Amazon Review

What Our Fans Think of Us

"Love this product. We buy regularly and helps with energy and hydration. All around awesome product."

- Tricia L Berry, Amazon Review

What Our Fans Think of Us

"I do not drink coffee and work out early in the mornings and this helps me with energy and motivation. I have been taking zipfizz probably for over 8 years now."

- Jill C. Cooke, Amazon Review

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