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Vitamin B12 for cellular energy.**
Vitamin C to aid muscle repair.**
Electrolytes to support hydration.**
Only 4g sugar per serving.
Safe for kids age 4+
Our Performance Gummies pouch includes 15 packets of gummies. Each gummy packet contains 6 gummies, which is 2 servings!
Please note that the additional products in the Peak Performance Package and Elite Package are not recommended for children under 9, and therefore are only available to 2014 (U11) age groups and older. These bundles will be available to the 2015 (U10) age group starting January 1, 2025.
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Bite-sized energy to keep you on the field.

Vitamins & Minerals

B Vitamins to aid in the production of cellular energy and reduce fatigue.**

Caffeine Free

Our Performance Gummies have no caffeine or other stimulants, making them safe for kids 4 and up.


Sodium and Potassium to help prevent muscle cramping and fatigue.**

Zipfizz Sports' Mission:

To help every athlete maximize their potential by providing them with safe, tasty, and effective products in order for them to achieve their dream.

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