Zipfizz Immune Health Caffeine Free No Sugar

Zipfizz Immune Health

Stop letting germs boss you around

Kick-start your immunity with a burst of vitamins, minerals and adaptogenic herbs.

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Just Add Water, Stir, and Conquer

  • 11 vitamins and 8 minerals, including electrolytes magnesium, sodium and potassium

  • Caffeine-free and sugar-free, formulated for adults and children

  • Loaded with the amino acid taurine and antioxidants from green tea and grape seed extracts

A Chain Reaction of Immune-boosting Benefits

Zipfizz Immune Health strengthens the body’s natural defenses and works around the clock to regulate immunity.

  • Fights Free Radicals*
  • Reduces Stress*
  • Improves Sleep*
  • Keeps You Hydrated*

7 Key Nutrients Kickstart Your Body’s Defenses

An all-star team of nutrients to turn your immune system on full blast.

  • Vitamin C

    A whopping 1,350mg of this master antioxidant in every serving.

  • Zinc

    The king of immune boosting minerals. No immune supplement is complete without it.

  • Inositol Hexaphosphate

    A simple carb that supports insulin resistance and immunity.*

  • Grape Seed & Green Tea Extracts

    These are absolutely loaded with polyphenols and other disease-fighting antioxidants.*

  • Elderberry Fruit Extract

    A classic immune enhancing medicinal herb thanks to its rich flavonoid content.*

  • Reishi Mushroom Extract

    A calming adaptogen known to improve sleep and reduce stress.*

Suitable for Any Diet or Nutrition Plan

Everyone deserves a stronger immune system, which is why we made sure Zipfizz works with all sorts of dietary restrictions.


No animals were used or harmed in the making of this supplement.

Gluten Free

Gluten wasn’t that hard to avoid here, but yes, it’s gluten free!

No Sugar

Sugar makes you crash, causes headaches and wreaks havoc on your health, so we decided to leave it out.

No Caffeine

Take Immune Health anytime, day or night, without messing up your sleep.

Immune Health Supplement Facts

We stripped down the ingredients so there’s no extra junk like sugar, artificial flavors and colorings. Nothing to see here but vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbs!

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What Our Fans Think of Us

“WOW! It taste so much better than 5Hr and gives me a great boost. Love it!”

- Jodiey, Amazon Review
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What Our Fans Think of Us

“Great flavor, big fan of Zipfizz and wanted to try as I was looking for an immunity boost. Highly recommend in comparison to similar products like emergen-c, etc"

- DK, Amazon Review
Mountain biker riding down a trail after enjoying Zipfizz the healthy on the go energy supplement of the outdoors
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What Our Fans Think of Us

"This stuff is SO much better than 5 hour energy. Tastes way better and gives me a boost that lasts most of the day."

- Jeff Palmeri, Amazon Review
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What Our Fans Think of Us

“I take Zipfizz everywhere with me. It’s so easy to toss in my bag or have in the car. My go to flavor has been black cherry. Yum.”

- Keri H, Amazon Review
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What Our Fans Think of Us

"I don't use any other energy drink but Zipfizz, this stuff is amazing and so chock full of vitamins and flavor that refreshes I won't drink anything else for the zip and helpfulness."

- Jack Realtor, Amazon Review
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What Our Fans Think of Us

"I love zipfizz great product!! I use them everyday, I use these before workout especially before my hockey games, and I'm 52. Gives me energy that I didn't know I had, and great for hangovers."

- Ike, Amazon Review

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